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Oct 9, 2019
I'm doing well. I'm recovering from a 12 mile run that I had today and that's about it. I'm interning at Lockheed Martin at the moment so I can get my hands on some great experience in jet fuels and nano engineering. I am also working towards a Major in Nano Engineering at UCSD. Great stuff. I'm in contact with Army recruiters because if they can remove any portion of the student loans I will be incurring I will have to take it. And also if stuff hits the fan I'll know my plan B.
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Oct 12, 2019
I'm doing good, also working full time but I am on a pc so can get away with more :) Still need a new job but I am lazy on portfolio work.
In a great mood seeing a load of people I haven't seen in year(s) yesterday, mixed with people I hang out online more with now.
Have a good monday!
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