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Aug 8, 2019
Hi for the millionth time, it's Proper. I was apart of SGM for a very brief time at the end of 2016 before I was COI'd. I don't like to talk about it :)
I was very toxic and big mean and this upset Mr. Highwon vewy much VnV

I've been around again for ~1 year give or take and I'm pretty happy that I am because I got to reconnect with some old friends and make a lot of new friends as well. The real treasure was all the trolling bans we've collected along the way

I am currently 18 (my birthday is in 1 month uwu say happy bday sluts) and going to college in Philadelphia for computer science. As far as my online life goes, I'm apart of another community ( helix @helix almost took down the server once ty) in which I run and manage the staff team and the playerbase with 3 other people. It's pretty great, and I enjoy myself there, so I don't necessarily plan to leave it for Crescent atm. But I'll be around of course. I have another foot in another community already anyway so what's a 3rd foot

I'm a very friendly person if u don't act stupid towards me so say hi sometime :)


Shining Justice
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
a third foot isn't a foot
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