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Jun 21, 2019
Introductions & Farewells

-Welcome to I&F!
This is the place for you to introduce yourself to the community, or to say your goodbyes before leaving. Staff members can also announce their resignation here.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when posting:
  1. You may post an introduction if this is your first time joining Crescent, or if you've returned after a while.
  2. You may post a farewell only if you are leaving for a considerably long time. Staff members who resigned from their position can also make a resignation thread.
  3. Do not post an introduction or a resignation if it's been only a short time since you left/joined. Doing so repeatedly may result in your revoking your posting permissions in this section.
  4. Remember: don't be a jerk, whether you are the one creating the thread or replying to it. Even if you don't like someone/something, this isn't the place to raise hell about it.

Thanks for reading!
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