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Feb 23, 2020
courtesy to The Goose for the name,

I have noticed that traits like amplify and things like it aren't used in good builds
so i've came up with a idea

A mod that when you get a kill your cool-down is shortened

the type is Utility and its suggested different stats are
-5/-10/-15 (in seconds) or

if u get a kill when the trait is active the cooldown will go down after the traits duration
(or it doesnt do anything when u get a kill during the trait i will leave it up to opal)

idk if this should have a downside considering the competition in the utility mods section
the stats are always able to change and im open to suggestions on changes to make this a better mod
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Active Member
Crescent Plus
Oct 21, 2019
Hope my suggestions help bring ur baby mod to fruition. +1


Penguins > Pigeons
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
I'm putting a massive fucking - 1 on this. This would make this man's huge 100x's more aids to play against.

The only way i see this working is by not allowing it to work on the super irritating traits that you can just spam like knockback, gravity, bleed etc etc but if not then its a huge -1

However with proposed changes and making it no stupidly good sure i dont mind it added
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Pijon mustard
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
I personally really like this idea, but I do think these numbers are way too generous. Most traits are around 30 seconds, and I don't think that one kill should completely refresh a cooldown (90% because of what helix did with shadowbound during alpha testing, when it triggered after a kill instead of when activated.)

I think rather than in seconds, it should be on percentage of the total cooldown timer (not remaining cooldown timer), and the numbers should be 20%/30%/40%. This is still a massive improvement over cooldown, with the potential to almost completely reset a cooldown with two kills, but being much riskier. I also think that if you do manage to reset the cooldown before the active trait ends, activating the trait again would just reset the active timer instead of stacking the effect.

Flire brings up a good point about this making it too easy to spam traits that either aren't fun to play against, or are downright annoying, so I'll go trait by trait and explain why I don't think this would be a problem (at least with the numbers I proposed). The other thing to consider is that the concept itself is sound, and if it makes one or two traits particularly imbalanced, then that seems more like a problem with the trait than the mod imo. (and banning combinations of guns, mods, and traits is an option too)

All in all, I like the concept, but not exactly the way you proposed. A flat reduction becomes problematic when traits have different cooldowns, and only one kill to refresh a trait completely seems too strong. Otherwise, +1.

KB/Grav: You'd have to get one kill to match the effect of cooldown, and you'd be using this instead of cooldown or persistence. Therefore, this would be less annoying in a 1v1 where an inno spams kb/grav to evade the traitor. Beyond that use, I almost never see the trait used in gunfights, mainly because you don't have enough time to consistently get a kill and safely land before the trait runs out. The only other situations I can think of where kb/grav is annoying or gives an advantage in a gunfight, the cooldown of the trait wouldn't actually matter because a single activation of the trait would do the trick.

Bleed: Bleed is fairly weak right now, and is counter intuitive with a mod like this. Bleed is good for chipping away at health with long range shots, or for very slightly increasing dps in a close range fight. In its current form, the latter use is really impractical, even though this would be a buff to bleed, I don't see this breaking the trait, or even being a good enough buff to make bleed meta again. In terms of long range chip damage, you'd still need to get a kill to have any cooldown reduction, so why not just get the kill instead?

Magnet/silence/disarray/blackhole/Chrono/Repulse: None of these become that much stronger with the ability to spam them every two kills. The only effect this mod would have on them would be that you'd be able to kos people who use the mod to spam these traits, because they'd have to kill people to do so.

Efficiency: It would be a worse version of bloodlust. Takes twice as many kills to get the free ammo, and gives half as much.

Amp: This could actually be a really strong synergy, but I don't think it's overpowered by any means. There would be two ways to play this; first being very aggressive, using the trait to mow down a ton of people in the same area, in which case persistence is probably easier to justify, and it isn't problematic because you won't survive very long playing like that. The other way is to use amp to gain an advantage in a 1v1, then wait for the cooldown to finish and repeat, in which case the only thing this mod would do is prevent delay by shortening the cooldown.

Warp: < Stalk

Purify: Good synergy but not OP, and probably wouldn't make any difference in how often Purify is used.

Shadowbound: This is probably the most overpowered combination. In its original form, shadowbound was passive and activated after a kill. This made it really hard to react to kills even in open areas. With 40% reduction per kill, the user would have to get two kills and still wait 20% of the cooldown before going invisible again, so I don't think it would be nearly as overpowered as it was.

Bombastic: Wouldn't be any stronger than using cooldown.

Headhunting: decent synergy, I'd use it with my famas. By no means overpowered though.

Overload: decent synergy, not overpowered. It would pretty much be the same situation as amp, but there's the 2 second jam period.

Leech: Could actually be really strong, but I think it runs into the same problem as amp and overload that would prevent it from being overpowered.

I Love Isla

😎 Mr. Awesome
Crescent Plus
Jun 11, 2020
+1 I think it sounds nice to be able to cool down your ability with kills instead of having to use Cooldown

Lavernius Tucker

Crescent Plus
Oct 18, 2019
aight this is super cool, but yeah the numbers are WAY too generous
if it was changed to -10%/-15%/-20% off ur cooldown on a kill that would be WAY more balance imo

+1 otherwise though, neat idea


Crescent Plus
Mar 9, 2020
+1, this suggestion has been up for a while and I'm not sure why, it's a well thought out suggestion and would make weapon mods a little more functional all around