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  • CrescentCraft Returns!

    It's time for another CrescentCraft playthrough! We are hosting a modded v1.12.2 playthrough for the community, starting this weekend. Everyone is welcome to join!
    For more information, please visit the CrescentCraft channel in our Discord server.

    See you there! 💛

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New Member
Nov 1, 2019
Can we make a leaderboard on to see who has the most cc and shards since some of us might offer on some people's items and can't get on so we use the fourms leaderboard as a guide on to see how many shards to have.I think it would be a good improvement as it allows us to do the things i said cc and shards.
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we ballin my ninjas ⛹️
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
A leaderboard for kills and such was something Opal said is planned, and this is probably something that will be included in that. Either way +1