Other List of suggestions as i've played.

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Oct 12, 2019
-Detective Drone needs a battery life and to be destroyed based on damage rather than the number of bullets (that last bit is based on info I got from a mod I haven't tested if its 4 bullets) but they should be a temporary thing that allows you to have some form of protection in addition to your body armor, not another layer, the ability to stop multiple killing headshots from high caliber slow-firing weapons completely breaks the flow of gameplay and I think most of us agree is unfun to play against.

-Piercing Bullets should only last for 1 Mag or until reload, too often traitors sit in unreachable areas such as T rooms or the glasshouse in Crummy Cradle, while this is a valid tactic and very fun for the user, it creates a stalemate where the traitor won't leave their safe haven and innos don't leave their cover. Half the damage penalty and make it only for 1 mag, or until reloaded.

-Skins are great and very fun, but with limited skins, and rarities being important to focus when moding sometimes if we want to keep on an even playing field with others we cant use cosmetics we like, the addition to an item being added that removes a gun skin and allows it to be applied to a gun of a higher rarity than its original gun would solve this problem and allow for more consumables to be available, furthering the market and econ.

-Buff the huge, simple, in its current state, especially without a sight it's unusable. Its damage is that of a pea shooter, its accuracy makes ADSing a necessity, but the ADS is unusable due to incredibly heavy muzzle flash. Idk what needs to be changed but that shit doodoo.

-Give the R8 its csgo alternate fire of fanning the hammer like in CSGO. Because of the fire delay, while cool makes it a straight downgrade from the Deagle, even the damage boost is not worth entertaining currently.

-Add the SG Sniper to Gun Game, every other gun is there, why not.

-Allow us to Disable our weapon model (I had mentioned this to helix but figured why not add it here for good measure). An option for both ADS and non ADS would be perfect.

-Leeching is really not worth using and could probably use a buff to put it up to snuff with the others, the same for headhunter.

-Allow us an easy way to view the daily rewards, we want to play on the server and want to be able to get excited about what's to come!