Other Magnetic Fix Idea

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Jul 30, 2020
Deleted old thread and resubmitted here, in the correct place.

Saw people complaining about how it gets annoyingly spammed but isn't RDM-able. As a Magnetic user myself I basically use it just to troll because the range is to short to implement in combat unless I'm ambushing someone.

So I suggest we change the entire Magnetic trait into Disarm. Disarm causes the next shot fired to deal only 1 damage but make whoever it hits drop their held weapon. This allows you to use it more effectively in combat (but not too effectively as to be overpowered), but it doesn't hinder everyone on your team. Also makes it RDM-able.

I don't think we should get rid of the Magnetic effect entirely though. I think it should be changed into a traitor weapon. Give it the range, function, and appearance of a c4, but it does no damage, is silent, and you can set the timer to any value you want. Essentially the proper way to use it would be to set it near where a bunch of people are gathered, put a short time limit on it, run into the crowd of people and switch to melee weapon, then after it goes off switch back to your main and kill everyone while they scramble to pick up their weapons.


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Jun 21, 2019
Disarm is a very interesting idea. Perhaps this is the right way to approach this mechanic, since it makes more sense gameplay-wise. Magnet is one of the earliest Traits we developed (the second one I made, in fact) long before we had a better grasp of how things will work in CTTT. It's clear now that it needs to change.
One key thing about Magnet, however, is that it also disables the users' weapon to make it somewhat fair for the receiving end. Perhaps this is something that should be integrated into Disarm too, if it becomes a thing.