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Aug 8, 2019
Well currently the market kinda sucks in my opinion. Nobody wants to put up their weapons there because you can't use it while it's in there, and you also can't really take "offers" on it, but only the set amount of shards you decide when you make the trade (or some random assortment of other items)

I think what our market should be more like is what TF2Outpost was:


Basically it'd be the same as what we had before, except the thing you want (displayed on the right) would usually just be a vague idea of what you want for it (or specific in some cases) and then inside that trade you could have a more detailed description of the trade + a comments section for anyone offering their weapon and then finally a send trade offer button.



The current system of exact trades could exist alongside this one. I think this would just make buying and selling specifically guns a lot more nicer, as usually people are looking for other guns in exchange for theirs and not a specific amount of shards.

I know this is probably kinda similar to the forum market, but seeing as it's not very active I thought this would be a good alternative to the ingame market. We could also come up with some weird way to merge the forum market with the ingame market, but I feel like that'd end up kinda weird cuz forum market is made out of threads.
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Oct 22, 2019
In addition to this, I also think improvements to Auction should be implemented too, currently it doesn't tell you when you've been out-bid unless you go to the market to check, getting a mail saying you've been out-bid with the items/currency you bid previously being refunded would be a good way to improve it without changing it massively.

Also adding on to this, you also can't see the highest bid unless you're the one creating the auction so at the moment it doesn't really make you want to out-bid people, adding this would also help the improvement listed above.