Other (maybe wepmod?) XP Adder Items for Weapons

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New Member
Mar 17, 2020
I feel like this should be an item to use on weapons, xp depending on status/rarity (I II III) and should be given when completing 3 tasks of 1 section and a level II on 2 sections, and III on 3 sections, and should be given by drops and or crates. These would come in handy, or you could add a xp converter where you take a weapon and put it in a slot that would be given xp, and then a bar for weapons of any rarity which will give a certain amount of xp and will be salvaged to that chosen gun. This would be awesome!


Certified Gamer
Crescent Plus
Aug 22, 2020
I like the idea of having some sort of thing that rewards you for leveling up a gun you want to get rid of. Maybe something like an item that you can charge with xp from a weapon, and it takes a certain amount of xp from the weapon and puts half of it or something in the item. You can then use the item on a different weapon to put the xp on it. If you take xp to where it would be disabling wepmod tiers and you have a wepmod(s) of that tier, it downgrades them a tier or destroys them.

What I would prefer instead of this though is a system to where if you scrap a weapon it rewards you with essence depending on how much xp was on the weapon. This would be better in my opinion because right now the essence gain is extremely slow.