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plague doctor

blue balling expert - 6 - europe 1348
Crescent Plus
Mar 30, 2020
maybe make it block less damage or be a upgrade to body armor and reduce incoming damage unless it already reduces and I'm just dumb


Hardcore Member
Crescent Infinity
Jul 30, 2020
I agree that it makes detectives pretty damn strong. Like if you don't have an insta-kill it's going to take an extended gun fight to kill them (I actually think it should sacrifice itself to take that deagle to the head for you). That is probably by design though, detectives are high-value targets for traitors, everyone knows who they are, and it consumes a detective credit.

Idea brainstorm for alternatives to current drones: Guardian Drones shoot at attackers (with limited ammo) instead of defending; Drone auto-detects attackers so investigating the detective's corpse will tell you who killed them (trumps disguise?); Drone passively heals detective over time; Drone gives its detective 1 credit for every minute they keep it alive