Other New Trait: Jamming

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Pijon mustard
Crescent Lite
Aug 8, 2019
Activated trait: prevents traits from being used within 10m of you for 10 seconds. Cooldown 30 sec.

Interactions with other traits:
  • Warp: Prevents players from warping to you, even if they're outside of 10m
  • Rig: Prevents bodies within 10m from being detonated, even if the other player is outside of 10m
  • All traits with durations (bleed, frenzy, grav, leech, etc.): This will not abruptly end traits once they're already activated. Although this might be something to consider if the trait is underwhelming without it.
  • Bloodlusting, Frenzy, Stalk: While these aren't activated traits, they take effect when a certain condition is met, so they would not activate within range of a jam.


Hardcore Member
Crescent Lite
Sep 14, 2019
this should be a traitor weapon instead
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