Other New Trait: multipurpose

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Pijon mustard
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
Veri simple idea really, it would give another utility slot on your gun. This slot wouldn't use one of the 2-4 mod slots given depending on the rarity of your gun, and if you were to put a mod in the slot and then reroll, the mod would be mailed back to you. You can't have two copies of the same mod in a gun, but you could do something like lightweight + extended mags.

Why utility? Utility is super versatile, and probably the only slot that wouldn't be overpowered to have more than one mod of its group aside from maybe handling. We all know how op dest + rumble is.


Making a chicken out of a feather!
Crescent Plus
Aug 11, 2019
This could work, I think we could add a lot more "utility" perks that are not nearly as strong as some existing "magazine slot utility" wepmods. They could even be watered down versions of existing ones too.

The watered down ones could let you get numbers higher than tier three if you stack the same mod.
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