Padoru Season - 10k CC giveaway

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Aug 9, 2019
hey weebs.

padoru season is here and that means I want to give away some cc to the community.

a total of 10k cc is going to be given away to 4 participants in the community, receiving 2.5k CC each.

to be specific, I will not be giving you 2.5k cc to do as you will, I will be giving you 2.5k cc equivalency in store items of your choosing. do what you will with the items, there's no restrictions on selling them or anything of the sort. but again, you will not get any physical CC.

this giveaway is free too, no need to give me shards or anything.

how this will go is this, you will tag one person in your response and that person will be entered to win. not you, the poster, the person tagged. you cannot tag yourself.

ideally, tag people's forums accounts, if they don't have a forum account and ONLY if they dont, you can tag their discord name including the attached numbers.

each person can only be entered once, but each person can win multiple times. so someone could win all 10k.

if you win, you could even have some of your winnings gifted to other people, if you so choose. it is the season of padoru after all.

keep in mind, if you don't have a forums account as a winner, I cannot give you any Boosts (they are only giftable through the site, can't be traded).

the same goes for ranks, I can only gift ranks to people with connected forum accounts.

oh and if for some reason the people who win don't want the cc/items, they get rerolled

nominating people more than once does nothing except waste your nomination. you cannot nominate more than one person, if you do, both of your entries are DQed.

drawing will be on Saturday, December 7th, after I get off work so abouts 7:30 PST.

if you don't read btw, and tag yourself or attempt to enter yourself, you're DQed from being entered.

all rules and standards are subject to change if I see a flaw, and you will be notified immediately if that happens. I don't foresee it happening, but it might.
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Oct 11, 2019
i nominate Gavlo @Gavlo for teaching me about gun mods
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