Other Paint color on grenade explosions

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Hardcore Member
Crescent Infinity
Jul 30, 2020
Right now you can paint grenades but it only changes the color of the object while you hold it in your hand. Being able to change the color of your fires or smoke would be pretty cool. You could change the color of the sparks that fly out from the grenades exploding too. Probably too hard to implement for what we'd get out of it, but it's another way to make Crescent more unique from other servers.
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Making a chicken out of a feather!
Crescent Infinity
Aug 11, 2019
This is a cool idea, I'd love different colored explosions and effects! (Legendary tier smoke with rainbow smoke when?!)

On a side note: I'd love to see more types of nades added with more unique effects. (We do have a lot of grenades that have special qualities, but they're rarely purchased/used from the detective menu.)


Salad Cat · 24 · From New York
Crescent Ultra
Aug 30, 2020
I for one love this idea. It's a silly personal touch with the way smoke grenades work, and gives players a reason to keep one or two of your favorite colors, to apply to a smoke. Also, gives people a reason to hold onto smoke grenades, as opposed to instantly scrapping them.

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