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Sep 16, 2020
In the inventory, you can lock certain items, so that you don't accidentally scrap the item, however this also makes the item invisible to traders, so if you have a item that you don't want accidentally getting scraped, but do want to trade, its not very convenient. A way that this could be better optimized is lock settings, such as whether it can be traded, scraped, and customized (paint, name, trait reforger's, etc.) such as this
Source: https://imgur.com/a/wHN1PL7

the idea is that there is an arrow on the lock/unlock bar, and when your mouse hovers over it the extra 3 bars (lock settings) show up blank box shows that the choice is not wanted, the blue check mark states that it is wanted, and the red x stats that it is default-ly wanted, this is up for change of course just what i came up with at the time.

another way to go around this problem/annoyance, and just another quality of life change could be the ability to pin items, for example I constantly find my inventory filled with commons, but a lot of those commons I actually want to keep, such as my nade's, taunts, songs, and jihads, and its annoying to have to click around the locked items or the items I want to keep for the sake of trading, and therefore aren't locked. a good way to go about fixing this would be to make it so that you could pin certain items so that they always show up at the top of your inventory ; folders would also work but I feel like that's a bit much.