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Aug 8, 2019
Alrighty, today I have a bit of a weird one.

So normally when you use the !pm command in-game, the server looks for two "arguments" to the command: the person you're sending the PM to, and the actual private message content. It separates these arguments with a space- "!pm [argument1] [argument2]". However, if people have a space in their name (for example, my current steam name is "Dolph1n | crs.gg"), it can interpret the second part of their name as the beginning of the message content, leading to messages that look like this:

Now, what I'm suggesting is to refine the command so that it can interpret "Dolph1n | crs.gg" as one argument, and not include the "| crs.gg" in the message content. The message will look like this:

Thanks for reading, and hopefully the rest of your day is free of birds and kakariko.