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Oct 12, 2019
Hello. I decided to prestige my aug. Worst mistake ever.

Okay currently prestiging past prestige 1 is not really worth it unless you just want to level something.

The level needed from normal 1-50 is fine, so is prestiged 1-50

Now if you decide you want ur mods back on your gun that is lvl 50 prestige 1. or just want to continue leveling your gun and prestige it, your in for a real treat.
The XP needed to level up a prestiged 2 gun is INSANE, for example lvl 41 to lvl 42 you need 4.6k xp which is more then prestiged 1 lvl 49-50

Or lower the xp needed cause i know Opal and veri are gonna remake the prestige system completely but maybe we could get a lowered xp requirement.
And all of this for a physical name tag, i really think that the xp amount is way too high per level. Either lower the XP needed or add another reward for it honestly.

okay so lvl 40 to 41 you need 4566 lvl 41 to 42 needs 4684 which is an 118 increase. not sure if that is for every level but lets do that match

lvl 40-41
40. 4566
41. 4684
42. 4802
43. 4920
44. 5038
45. 5156
46. 5274
47. 5392
48. 5510
49. 5628
50. 5 746‬

56 716 total XP needed AND THIS IS ONLY FOR 40-50
and you get what about 90 xp per round? ish, without counting kills or modifiers. this is INSANE

So after some leveling lvl 45- 46 is 5180 which is higher then a 118 increase.
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Aug 8, 2019
I believe opal is looking at relooking at the prestige system. I believe the amount of xp that it is to level up is fine. It's the amount of XP you get per round thats the issue.

I feel like you should get more XP the more shit you do. If you win the round T or Inno More XP

If you win as T = more xp than winning as inno.
Winning as detective = should give you more xp however could be something like you have to still be alive
More kills you get more XP you get on that specific gun.

Not sure what opal is planning on doing but XP is slow yes and there should be ways to increase it rather than just play the round / win it you should be benefited from such actions like getting kills and winning, winning but still being alive, winning as T. These are all alot harder than just winning the round and should grant you more XP.
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