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Happy birthday, Crescent!

One year ago, on this day, Project Crescent returned to the GMod scene with the debut of Crescent TTT v2, rising from the ashes of its former self to claim its place among the top TTT communities in the world.
Today, a year later, we gather here to celebrate Crescent's first anniversary. After a successful re-launch and a wonderful first year, it's time to settle down for a moment, to look back at all we've been through so far, and to celebrate this very special milestone.

So: welcome to our first anniversary celebration! For the next five days, October 12th to 17th, we will celebrate Crescent's birthday with the one thing everybody loves: new content!
Every day we will release another part of our anniversary content pack for you to enjoy, which means you, dear players, are about to enjoy five whole days of updates! There's a lot to show this time around, and we can't wait to see what you all think about it.

To all our players, fans regulars and supporters; to all of you reading this message; to everyone who gave their feedback and shared their thoughts; to those who spent their days in our servers and met new friends; to those who helped make all this come true; to those who spread the word; and to all of you who call Project Crescent home:
Thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for giving us another chance. Thank you for believing in us.
May we all meet here again every year, for many more anniversaries to come, and continue to make memories that will last forever.

Stay Awesome
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Stay awesome
Crescent Infinity
Jun 21, 2019
Chapter One: Places To Go
October 12th

It's about time we dusted off our ol' map rotation and give it a bit of a polish!
Chapter one of our anniversary content update adds no less than 20 new maps to our roster - the maps YOU suggested, tested, and voted for!

I'd like to thank the many players who helped us play test all these maps over the last few weeks.
Special thanks to Torbjörn @Torbjörn and Rem @Rem who helped organize the list and manage the play tests, so I can remain sane under all this pressure.
You guys are the best 🧡


Al's Penthouse

Comancher (Petite)

Devoz v2



Experimental Shapes

Hydro Power

Lego Treasure Island

MC Kakariko*

Richland Remix*


Sea Forts




The Ship


Windmill in the Sky

*This map will replace the existing version

To kickstart this new roster, all of these maps have been temporarily given a higher chance to appear in map votes.
We hope you will enjoy this new pack of murder arenasmaps!

See you tomorrow for the next chapter!


Stay awesome
Crescent Infinity
Jun 21, 2019
Chapter Two: Identity Crisis
October 13th

One of the best things about CTTT is how you can be pretty much anything else other than yourself! With all the customization options for your character, it's no wonder this is a pretty hot topic for anyone playing in Crescent.
So, to further amplify your identity crisisdress-up game, we're adding a whole batch of new player models for you to pick from - as well as two very important features that will further increase your immersion.

Player Model Hands


"What's the point of all these player models if I can't even see them?!" I hear you ask, and rightly so! It doesn't make a lot of sense that, regardless of your current model, all you get to see is the same old (slightly hairy) arms. Where's the fun in that?

Fear not, though, because your prayers have been answered! CTTT's anniversary update brings, at long last, proper support for player model hands! Now you can witness the beauty of your character's arms and, perhaps, even feel like them.
Please note: not all of the models in our servers have hands yet. We're working on adding them to the rest, including past models, and hope to get to all of them ASAP.

Yet if this isn't enough for you still, then don't worry: we can take this a step further...

Player Model Legs


Did you know that 100% of our player models have legs? It's true! I won't blame you if you never considered that, though, because our lovely engine doesn't know how to display those. So we here in team Crescent did what we do best, gave a big middle finger to the engine, and implemented it anyway!
The good news is that, thanks to the way this feature was implemented, ALL of our models now have legs! Yes, even the default ones. How bloody cool is that, eh? Please, enjoy the glory of watching your own feet, almost as if this game made some sense after all...

And to wrap up our limbs-related updates...

HQ Default Hands


Last time we checked, this isn't 2004 anymore. Why on earth, then, do our hands still look like back then?!
Almost 15 years later, you'll finally be able to see your hands as something different than a polygon-disaster. With lovely HD textures, proper CS:GO bones, and an overall better look, these new hands are sleek and ready to kill.
Oh, and the gloves even change color! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

New Player Models

And now, after our deep-dive into the wonderful world of human limbs, let's get down to business...
Behold: Crescent's new player models!

(Apex Legends)




(Destiny 2)

The Doom Slayer

(Genshin Impact)

(Genshin Impact)

(Genshin Impact)

Lumine the Traveler
(Genshin Impact)

(God of War)

Sniper II

K/DA Akali
(League of Legends)

(Risk of Rain)

(Risk of Rain 2)


Blake Belladonna

Weiss Schnee

Yang Xiao-Long



Hatsune Miku




Valkyr Prime



Whew! That's a lot of them. Hopefully it was all been worth the wait. Indeed, some of these may be a surprise for you, due to the... uh, unusual style choices. All of these were requests from you, our players, and we didn't want to disappoint just because it's a certain style. This is the great thing about Crescent, though: it is shaped by its players, in a way that everyone can still enjoy.

Additional changes

The following models have been updated with a new look and feel
Maya (Borderlands)
Zer0 (Borderlands)
Mad Moxxi (Borderlands)

The following models had their quality changed
Widowmaker -> Exotic
Aphrodite -> Precious
Sub-Zero -> Precious
Marine Armor -> Rare
Ghost (MW2) -> Rare
Skyrim Daedric Armor -> Rare
Han Solo -> Rare
Robocop -> Rare
Bellona -> Rare

The following models have been retired, and are no longer available

Akuma (Syndicate)
Ashe (Overwatch)
Loki (Marvel)
Neo (Matrix)
(If you owned any of these models, you have been automatically refunded their scrap value in shards)

So there you have it! If your identity crisis isn't overpowering you already now, perhaps all these new things will do the trick.

This sums up chapter two of our anniversary event. See you again tomorrow! It's gonna get bloody...


Stay awesome
Crescent Infinity
Jun 21, 2019
October 15th

Let's be honest - we're all here for one thing, after all: murdering our friends and close ones time and time again for no real reason. It's not an easy job, mind you! Betrayal is an art, and we are all artists here; and like every good artist knows, there's nothing like a splash of color, or the sight of something new and exciting, to spark one's... inspiration.

Well, lucky you - because we have both of these in today's pack! A new weapon cache full of new skins, a set of new Traits, and even a revisit of some old friends. Let's get killing... in style!

Weapon Cache "Lambda"


The newest cache in the series, Lambda is a fine mixture of all kinds of skins for you to enjoy: from vivid and colorful to dark and professional; the Lambda collection has something for everyone. Get unboxing, people: it's time to earn some new style!

As always, Team Crescent would like to extend its sincerest thanks to the talented artists who generously contributed their skins to this collection. Here they are:​

You guys and girls are the best 🧡


Everybody love a good Trait! These special powers are what really drives our urge to kill, destroy, and generally be disrespectful to our fellow terrorists and our surrounding. That's why this update brings you no less than three of them to (re)discover and wreck havoc with. Let's meet them!

Leech Rework


Leech has been... less than rewarding for quite a while now. As one of the first Traits developed for Crescent (all the way back in July 2019!), it's clear that in its current state, Leech is unable to provide much practical value to all you killers.
So, we finally gave in to community feedback, and reworked Leech to be more simple, yet far, far more effective.
Leech is now a passive Trait that refunds a flat amount of health per kill, keeping you longer in the game and allowing you to recover as long as you came out with the upper hand.
We hope this new take on this old Trait will finally bring it the attention and appreciation it deserves; you can do it Leech! We believe in you!




Based on a very clever suggestion from the not-as-clever Pigeon @Pigeon, Sangunity is all about trade-ups. For the price of 20% of your health points, you too can become a human-cheetah and zoom through the battlefield, using your newly found speed for whatever it is you need to do. Think carefully though, because 20% health is not a small price to pay!
Can you figure this one out, Crescent? Let's find out.




Man, these community suggestions are neat. People like Lavernius Tucker @Lavernius Tucker do all the thinking for us, which means we don't need to do it ourselves and hurt our fragile brains! That's teamwork right there - just like what this new Trait promotes.
Inspire, our last new Trait for today, allows you to give the 'gift' of inspiration to a fellow player, buffing their current weapon with some sweet damage and faster reloads! But who can you trust? Is the person you're about to inspire going to turn around and shoot you in the head as soon as you do it? Or will he bravely jump into the frying pan and save you and your fellow innocent terrorists from their Traitorous counterparts? Who knows!
Inspire is an interesting take for sure, and we can't wait to see what powerful maneuvers you will discover with this one. Come on, inspire us!

Gold Touch v2


Bling bling, baby! Gold Touch, our very first Legendary Effect, is a getting another touch (ha) this update, in order to bring it in line with the rest of its kin who were upgraded over time. In addition to its much-loved kill effect, Gold Touch now features a fancy golden bullet tracer, complete with a rain of coins; and a burst of golden coins on kill.
Yay particles! Yay pretty colors! Yay gold!


Eggcitement & Eggsecution changes

Our two Easter 2020 effects are now one. We figured that since most of our effects now include both a tracer and a kill effect, we might as well give some love to these two and combine into a single, bold explosion of color and... eggs.
This has been done automatically; all weapons who had either effect will now have the merged version. In case you still have some of these effect-appliers lying around, they too have been updated to the new version. How eggcelent!


I promised you something for being late yesterday. It's still being worked on, but you'll see what I mean soon. Stay tuned...

Woo! Chapter three, check. Now that you have your maps confused, your sense of identity lost, and your hands full of the blood of your enemies, we're ready to continue the downward spiral from here.

See you tomorrow! I heard it's gonna be a blast...


Stay awesome
Crescent Infinity
Jun 21, 2019
Chapter Four: With a Bang
October 17th

If killing is an art, then Soundbits are its soundtrack. I mean, really, what's better than taunting your dead foes in their after-life with a snarky remark, or blow them up with your Jihad to the sound of various screams? It's all music to the ears, blending in perfectly with the sound of blood being shed, bullets being fired, and people dying all over. Ahh... such a melody.
To help you scratch that itch, we're adding 80(!) new Soundbits for you to choose from. Jihad explosions, Death sounds, and good ol' taunts - our selection is now bigger than ever; you need only to pick.

Many thanks to Rem @Rem, Ruki @Dr. Frukistein, and Torbjörn @Torbjörn, who helped me with sorting these out 💛

New Taunts

52 new taunts are now available; many of them are what YOU suggested and posted. We hope you will enjoy this collection!

How many of them do you recognize?

New Death Sounds

What's worse than dying? Dying and then being taunted! Which is exactly what this group of Soundbits is about. A lovely collection of snarky remarks to throw at your enemy at their lowest. How charming!

And what about these ones? Notice anything familiar?

New Jihad Sounds

You know what they say: if you go out, you might as well go out with a bang. Ditch the old and boring explosion sound of everyone's favorite collateral damage weapon, and let your grand finale be something to remember. Or laugh about. Mostly the latter, actually.

You definitely recognize some of these. Come on!

And this wraps up chapter four! We are almost at the end now - I hope you're ready for it; we left some pretty nice things for you there...

See you at chapter five!


Stay awesome
Crescent Infinity
Jun 21, 2019
Chapter Five: Tying Knots
October 19th

Ahh... finished at last. What an intense week it was! With so much new content and so much loot to collect, I'm sure there was something in it for everyone. Whether it is the new player models, the new weapon skins and cosmetics, the new maps, or the new sound bits; this event had a bit of everything, beefing up our content offerings by quite a lot.

With all that stuff, however, it's only fair that some things will require a bit of... refining. And so, we're dedicating the last day of the event to tying the last knots and taking care of any loose ends. There isn't much content in this one; instead, we're focusing this final chapter on bug fixes, optimizations, and generally making sure everything we added this week isn't breaking or so.
But don't worry, I managed to slip in a bunch of last minute content additions too. Don't say I'm not spoiling you!

Let's begin...

Rank Color Support for Player Models


Need more ways to flex your Infinity or staff rank? We got ya' covered. From now on, rank owners of any sort will have their supported player models light up in their very own rank color! Models like Anon (TRON), Mileena, Zack's Halloween Custome, and more, all support this new feature. Get some color in here!

More Player Model Hands


Our newly-found quest to adding model hands support to all of our existing models continues! This batch contains 25 new model hands for all your favorite player models from earlier content packs. And don't worry, more is on the way soon!

Cleaning Up

And, to wrap things up for good, we went over the various bug reports and issues raised during the last few days and made sure to tie them up properly. Here they are.

Fixed a random missing texture on Doom Slayer's arm
Fixed a mesh problem with Commando
Fixed a mesh problem with Shrek
Fixed a jiggle bone issue with Nox
Fixed a jiggle bone issue with Texas
Further optimized the textures of various player models
Fixed some random console errors that appeared when equipping certain models
Spectating other players will now properly show their model hands instead of yours
Fixed some weird glitches with model legs
You can now force a manual reset of your model legs by executing 'chub_pmodel_legs_reset' in your console
Added an option to toggle model legs on or off (F3->Settings)
Improved and optimized the logic for player model, hands, and legs assignment
The inventory item selection UI (e.g. when selecting a crafting component or installing a WepMod) has been extended to support the new maximum inventory size (Thanks, Demon @Demon)
Attempted to fix a bug that causes !daily not to work under some conditions (Thanks, Anastesia Lawes❤️ @Mommy Emily❤️)
Fixed missing/broken textures for some chat Emoji
Added new Anniversary-related Emoji to the chat
Fixed a bug that caused players not to spawn in fun rounds until the initial countdown ends
Fixed a bug that caused Team Deathmatch rounds to end immediately as soon as they started (Thanks, everyone)
Fixed a bug that caused players to spawn in strange locations during fun rounds
Players who die/move to spectator in Bomb Rush no longer drop their bomb on the ground (Thanks, Torbjörn @Torbjörn)
Players who die/move to spectator in Bomb Rush no longer break the round logic (Thanks, Torbjörn @Torbjörn)
Moved the AK-47 sight rail to the other side of the gun, as it should've been all along (Thanks, Lavernius Tucker @Lavernius Tucker)
Corrected the positioning of sights on some weapon models
Fixed a bug where playing your Jihad's alt-fire sound would also play the default activation sound
Fixed an error related to Riot Shield
Re-enabled player titles in the scoreboard
Fixed a clipping issue in the scoreboard​


Stay awesome
Crescent Infinity
Jun 21, 2019

And That's a Wrap

Whew! What a project. Despite the occasional road bump or the more-than-occasional delay, here we are. Five days of content, a week-and-a-bit of fun and profits, and an Anniversary well celebrated!

I hope you enjoyed this event, Crescent! It was definitely quite the adventure for team Crescent and the staff members, I'll tell you that. I know it didn't all go as smoothly as we intended, but at the end of the day, everything worked out fine after all - and that's what matters.

To all of you who joined our celebration: thank you! It's been great fun, and I am constantly amazed by your support and appreciation. It is truly humbling to see so many of you playing around, trying new things, discovering new ways to play, and making up builds/combos that even we didn't think were possible (I'm looking at you, Sanguinity). It's nothing short of fantastic, and I hope you guys feel just the same.

Now that we can officially mark the end of Crescent's first year, and the beginning of its second, I welcome you all to take a minute and look back at all we've been through so far. All the highs and lows, the great triumphs and the crushing defeats, and most importantly: all the people who accompanied us through this journey so far.
And as we turn our gaze towards the future, to the next year of Project Crescent, let us all wish together that this new year shall be full of wonderful experiences, of lovely interactions, and of memories that we will take with us forever. May we all continue to call Crescent our home for many years to come, and share together these lovely moments that only such a community can bring.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for playing here. And thank you for sticking with us for yet another year.
Stay Awesome, Crescent 💛

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