Weapon R8 Revolver Change

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Agent A

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Sep 17, 2019
R8 Revolver does not feel fun to use.
While Ryan has pointed out that it's mean to feel like how it's in csgo, you don't need to follow csgo on everything.
Rather, make the guns feel fun to use. You want people to use the guns you have? Make them fun to use.
Fun doesn't mean make them overpowered. It just means it has to feel good to use at very least.
ATM, deagle is a superior option for anybody who wants to go for headshots and deal more havoc, which the revolver fails to do.
The revolver can't fully help in gunfight if you get attacked first since you have to wait before you can shoot.
And so on. I can keep going, but you get the point.

  • Remove the delay before you can fire a single bullet. This part makes the gun not feel exactly fun to use.
  • If it being too similar to a deagle is a concern, then nerf the firerate so it would be a slower, more powerful secondary via different means rather than waiting for the gun to load/cock/etc. in order to shoot before you can shoot it.


The Reaper
Crescent Plus
Aug 14, 2019
Copier I swear I didn''t use your idea to make my threat first...


New Member
Oct 13, 2019
Lower the charge time and give it the alt fire mode from csgo, then the gun will be fine.

Or make it a long range sniper by buffing damage and lowering fire rate + removing charge, but that doesn't feel like it would work due to no scope + it would still be 2 shots to kill so why not just use the deagle or an actual sniper.
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