WepMod Rapid Fire and Extended Mag Proposed Nerf

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Agent A

Veteran Member
Crescent Plus
Sep 17, 2019
Rapid fire has no downside according to the text.
Rapid fire 1 = 10% firerate increase.
Rapid fire 2 = 20% firerate increase
Rapid fire 3 = 30% firerate increase.

To counter this, I suggest that it should have a downside to it at least.
If the damage mods such as sharpshooter, airborne, etc., has -10% damage downside, then so should rapid fire.

I am not entirely certain on exactly what it needs nerf on, but I only have thought about 2 so far.
  • Have it decrease accuracy by 10%.
  • Have it decrease the clip size.
Extended Mag also has no downside according to the text.
Extended Mag 1 = 20% increase
Extended Mag 2 = idk. I haven't seen extended mag 2 yet.
Extended Mag 3 = 50% increase

Likewise with rapid fire, I'm not entirely sure how to balance it out.
However, an idea for me is to nerf the amount of ammo increase.

Extended Mag 1 = 10%
Extended Mag 2 = 20%
Extended Mag 3 = 30%


Pijon mustard
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
I don't think extended mags is currently overpowered. It had low values and a downside in v1, and the magazine increase was barely noticeable.

I could definitely see rapid fire increasing weapon spread or recoil.


Crescent Infinity
Aug 8, 2019
instead of nerfing everything good we should focus on adding more viable options to the slots that rapid fire and ext mags take up so we can have a choice between more firerate/ammo and something equally good

i agree that rf should have something like a spread increase though
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