Report against Helix

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IQ below 0
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
helix @hitlerspiral

Reason for report:
Rightfully or wrongfully, it isn't a stretch to say Helix is the most disliked director right now, and that doesn't just come from nowhere. He regularly talks down to players, and doesn't follow decorum that is standard in the server when it comes reports made against him, or appeals made to him, sometimes showing passive aggression of vastly-varying levels, especially when involving veteran players he disagrees with. And just because this is subjective doesn't mean it should be dismissed out of hand. If you, as members of the community, truly believe in making yourself and the server better, take the criticism and do something with it.
In short: admin director ab00se

Witnesses: All frequenters of #black-alien on Discord.

Evidence for Case 03-ABC-DEF, piece 1:

Evidence for Case 03-ABC-DEF, piece 2:

Now, this may not seem egregious on its own... However, it all comes together now:
Evidence for Case 03-ABC-DEF, piece 3:

As you can see, as our unelected chieftain, DarkShiny is trusted to represent black alien interests, namely the counting of days. Not only is helix ab00sing his privileges to harass the ethnic black alien population, he is doing so by intruding into our safe space to spread his vile vitriol.

I'd like to call to the witness stand DarkShiny @DarkShiny, alias "stop helix", the first and foremost opposition towards this tyrannical oppression and on-going harassment of the Alien-American population. Indeed, you could very well say that he is the Rosa Parks of our time.