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Aug 8, 2019
Alright, this suggestion is a little out there so bear with me for a bit.

I'm suggesting something called Round Mods. These are similar to weapon mods in the sense that they have three tiers. Instead of putting them on a gun, however, you slot them into a special menu in the crescent hub. This menu has two parts: current round and next round. The current round section displays what round mods are in effect this round, and the next round displays what round mods will affect the next round. There can be a total of five round mods affecting any given round, and any/all players may contribute a round mod. This means it's not 5 mods per player, but rather 5 mods per the whole server. And after any specific round mod being used to affect a round, that type of round mod cannot be used again for X rounds (like 2-3 or w/e ppl want).

Some round mod ideas I have:

+X% host_timescale (which affects how quickly the game time moves, host_timescale 0.5 means the game moves at half speed, host_timescale 2 means double speed)
-X% host_timescale
+X% gravity
-X% gravity
+X% Explosion Damage
-X% Explosion Damage
+X% Bullet Damage
-X% Bullet Damage
+X% Move Speed for all players
-X% Move Speed for all players
Reversed gravity (this one would have just one rarity, or be the same across all three rarities)
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