Seasonal Event: Crescentmas 2019

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Crescentmas 2019
It's beginning to look a lot like Crescent.

Merry Crescentmas, players!

Welcome to our very first Christmas update! As the snow falls around us and we all gather with our close ones, many presents are found under the Christmas tree. Well, fear not - because team Crescent didn't forget to bring their own...

Crescentmas 2019 comes to you packed full with winter and holiday themed content - new weapon skins, new wearables, and new Soundbits. There's also a new Legendary Effect, some new seasonal maps, and most important: a special event round we prepared for the occasion: Season's Beatings!
From December 24th to January 4th, play Crescent TTT to earn Candy Canes, the event currency. Much like Halloween, this currency can be used to purchase various goods from the event shop, found in the hub.
We're also introducing the Crescentmas 2019 Crate, which includes an entire series of Christmas exclusive items! These items can only be obtained during Crescentmas, so you better start working on these event tasks...

Enter the Update Site:
Crescentmas 2019

As always, many thanks to the following people who made this update possible:
  • @ender_year, MajorDestroyer, Spirito, future, and ethurs - who all contributed their weapon skins work for this update and made it possible to begin with.
  • @Methelin, who once again helped tremendously in coordinating with our contributing artists.
  • And, of course, @veri, for fighting (and defeating!) math itself in order to get everything working in time. :sneakylove:

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, something else, or don't celebrate at all - we here at Team Crescent would like to wish you all a very happy holiday and a merry Christmas! May this time of the year be full of joy and pleasure with your close ones and those who matter to you. As always, thank you for choosing Crescent and for playing. With 2019 coming to a closure, we are already heating up our engines in preparations for 2020, which is going to be even more awesome for Project Crescent. We have big plans to unveil. :LOL-:

Merry Crescentmas!
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