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Cresmas 2020
Christmas Seasonal Event
December 23 - January 5

Merry Cresmas, Crescent!
Ah, Christmas... there's nothing quite like this time of the year, really; snow, presents, and lots and lots of cheer all around. Christmas is a special time for many around the world - and here at Crescent is no different!
This year, we're celebrating Cresmas with a jolly content update, full of goods and loot. It looks like you've been pretty good this year, because Santa left you more content in this one than before, too: four days of content and surprises! How bloody cool is that?

Ready to find out what's under the Cresmas tree this year? Let's unwrap the presents, then...

The Cresmas Store


As per tradition, this seasonal event brings with it an event store full of event-themed exclusive content. Play Crescent TTT during the event and participate in its activities to earn Ice Crystals, a currency exclusive to the event, which you can then use to buy the limited-time Cresmas Case! The case contains all of the content from last year, as well as some new additions for you to collect.

But that's not all: this is Christmas after all, and we want to help you share the holiday spirit. Or, in other words: gifts!
First, a gift from us to you: every day during the event, you will be able to claim a free gift. There are five in total, and don't worry if you missed one: you can always claim the previous days as long as the event is running. And on Christmas day itself, we have a special surprise waiting for you...

What's in here, I wonder?

There's more than just our gifts, though. Everyone should be able to spread the holiday cheer, right? This is why you can also send gifts to other players too!
The random gift option allows you send a Cresmas crate to one or more of the players in the server. The more you send, the more likely you are to get your own, too! It's a win-win, really.


Here are some of the things you can find in the crate:

Limited-Time Wearables
Santa Hat

Party Hats - 6 Colors!




Christmas-Themed Sound Bits



Limited-Time Cresmas Skins


Limited-Time Cresmas Maps
For this year's Cresmas, we are adding even more maps to our winter-y pool, alongside the best picks from last year that you all liked so much. Here's what you can expect this year:

Al's Toy Barn (Xmas)*

Site 20 (Winter)

Rats (Xmas)

Christmas Island*

Community Pool (Christmas)*

Christmas Bowling*

Minecraft B5 (Xmas)*

Minecraft City (Snow)*

Minecraft Christmas Town

MC Christmas

*This map will replace the existing version for the duration of the event

Snowdown Showdown 2020

What's the most Christmas-y thing you can think of? Snow, of course! It's white, cold, and practically everywhere during this time of the year (even in our website right now!); there's just one problem, though: snow isn't very... you know, deadly. Here in Crescent, we prefer to celebrate by shedding blood in various ways, after all.

And so, in an attempt to make snow more thrilling to our bloodthirsty players, we took it and... well, loaded it into a cannon. Not just any cannon, though: a powerful, sci-fi looking weapon that can probably blow your head off if you look at it close enough. That's better!

Say hello to your new bestfriend, then: the A.L.P.I.N.E. (Auto Loading Packed Ice Netwon Expeller)

Tattooed Siren not included.

Built with the skeleton of the infamous Bulk Cannon, the technology of CWB, and what I can only describe as "arcane sorcery", the A.L.P.I.N.E. is able to launch snowballs so fast that it shreds anything in its way - humans included. With this bad girl, your thirst for endless murdering will surely be quenched.
But that's not all: the thrust of this thing is so damn powerful, it can even knock YOU back, as long as you don't hold onto something. And with so much snow around, softening your landing and negating fall damage... I think you can see where I'm going with this.

It's time for the deadliest, craziest snowball fight of the year, then! Snowdown Showdown 2020, our new take on the Cresmas event mini-game, is a significant update over last year, incorporating all of the feedback provided back then, a (much) more stable foundation, and a more polished experience overall. It's faster, deadlier, and more rewarding; what's not to like, eh?

What do you do in Snowdown Showdown? Simple: you kill the other team with your snowball cannon! But wait, there's more: this year, instead of the ol' presents, we are introducing a new mechanic: Control Points. These are special areas in the map that randomly appear, and that you can capture together with your team. You better be quick though, because the other team would like to do so as well...

Happy little snowman not included either.

You didn't think we forgot the most important part though, did you? There's one more mechanic, and this one you are probably familiar with already: Power Ups. As you stack your pile of corpses higher and higher, you'll earn a variety of power-ups that will help you do so even faster. Every five kills reward you with a power-up, and capturing a point will provide EVERYONE who were there at the moment of capture with a random power-up as well. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Of course, this is not just for the lolz: by participating in Snowdown Showdown, you will earn Ice Crystals, Cresmas Crates, and even Shards! The more you win and the more you kill, the better your spoils will be, so you better stretch that trigger finger and prepare it for some intense clicking action.

Snowdown Showdown will run once an hour, as long as the current map is one of the compatible maps. Currently, all of the Cresmas maps (see above) are supported, and we will continue to expand the pool in the upcoming days, so stay tuned!

Please make sure to share your feedback with us! Let us know what you like and dislike about this year's event, and help us shape it better. We will tweak and modify things as required - but we're not mind-readers (yet). You can reach out to us on Discord, here on the forums, or in any other way (pigeon mail not recommended).

Happy hunting!

Weapon Cache Mu

On this merry day, we welcome into our server the 12th entry in our series of weapon skins: Weapon Collection Mu!

I swear we're not running out of colors for the caches...

Found in the respectively-named weapon cache, this weapon collection yet agan includes a variety of fresh new skins for your favorite war machines. Pretty straightforward, eh?
Weapon Cache Mu, like all other caches, can be crafted using Shards in the crafting menu, received as a task reward, or simply dropped at the end of the round.

Much like before, the new collection includes skins that were created exclusively for Project Crescent by the following talented and generous contributors. We would like to once again extend our sincerest thanks to you all - we couldn't have done this without you all!
Here they are:​

You are the best 🧡

A Special Surprise?

...aaaaand there it is! Cresmas 2020 in all its glory. It sure is an improvement over last year, and we hope you will enjoy what we made for you!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, something else, or don't celebrate at all - we here at Team Crescent would like to wish you all a very happy holiday and a merry Christmas. This Christmas marks the end of an unusual and challenging year, but the fact we're here means we made it all the way through - and ready to welcome the next one, 2021, in hope that it will be better overall.

To all of you reading these lines, whether now as they're posted or sometime in the future: thank you for being part of Project Crescent! We hope you will enjoy the content, the game, and the people of our community. May this be a time of great joy and relief to you all, and we hope to see you among our players in 2021 as well. It's going to be a blast, like always. 😉

Merry Cresmas and happy holidays to you all!
Opalium and veri
Team Crescent



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