Seasonal Event: Easter 2020

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What an egg-cellent time.

Happy Easter, players!

The weather is starting to warm up, the skies are getting clearer, and the lovely green of nature spreads throughout the land again; spring is here, and with it comes Easter! As always, we here in Crescent like to celebrate as well - and what better way is there than brand new Easter-themed content?

Our Easter 2020 event brings a lovely variety of goods to CTTT (other than egg puns): new wearables, a new Weapon Replacer, and - yes, you're reading this right - new chat Emoji!. That's right - our Emoji system is finally getting a long-overdue refresh, with four new packs, fixes and corrections to existing Emoji, and general improvements.
But that's not all: for the 'mini-game' part of the event, we bring you... well, eggs. Easter eggs. But they're not just any Easter eggs, mind you; they're much more interesting than that. Each of these four new Easter eggs is actually a grenade, and packs a special power! These useful little devices will spawn around the map during the event, and I'm sure you will quickly find out just how useful they are.
Oh, and... there's one more thing. But you're going to have to be patient with this one - more details soon.

CTTT's Easter event will run from today, April 12th, and until the last minute of April 19th. Hop on, collect some eggs, buy some cool items, and throw highly-dangerous Easter eggs at each other! It's gonna to be fun.

Finally: alongside the event, we are also deploying a bunch of bug fixes and improvements to other areas in the game. Here are the details!

Patch Notes - April 12th 2020

Weapons & Traits
  • K-AS TA-3000
    • Made one more attempt at fixing the lock-up issue. Yes, we're still trying. The lock-up saga continues...
  • Traits
    • Fall damage caused by Blackhole, Gravity, Knockback and Repulse will now be correctly attributed to the activator. No more sneaky RDMs, I'm afraid!
    • Attempted to fix the issues that Sonar users saw since the overhaul. Please let us know if you're still encountering issues.
  • Misc.
    • Fixed scoped weapons' scope texture being misaligned with the actual crosshair.
    • Fixed a rare bug where weapons could fire indefinitely.
    • Fixed console spam when changing your weapon FoV through the FoV manager.

Fun Rounds
  • Barrel Blast
    • Players are now also given a crowbar as a backup weapon.
  • Assassination
    • Fixed a rare bug where corpses would break the round logic.
  • Frenzy Freakout
    • All weapons now have unlimited ammo during this fun round.
  • General
    • Fixed a bug where weapons sometimes didn't have unlimited ammo in fun rounds they should have it in.
    • Improved the descriptions of all fun rounds.

Items & Economy

  • Weapon Leveling
    • Essence gains will now properly scale up every 10 levels. The current scale factor is +5%.
    • Fixed a bug where Essence was sometimes granted twice when a weapon levels up, resulting in double gains.
    • Fixed a bug where some weapons were capped at level 150.
  • Tutorials
    • Streamlined the introduction to the Hub tutorial, to make it easier to interact with.
    • Fixed some bugs with the tutorial popups.
    • Corrected typos in some tutorials.
  • Misc.
    • Fixed a rare bug where currency could end up as decimal, causing all kind of strange issues.
    • Event banner popups can now be disabled in the Hub settings.


  • Chat
    • Added four new Emoji packs: Spring (Easter 2020 exclusive), Pepe, Blob, Roo the Panda.
    • Added ~30 new Emoji to the free packs.
    • Reorganized all of the existing Emoji in proper categories.
    • Locked Emoji packs will now show (as locked) in the Emoji picker.
    • Emoji should now render properly and look better overall.
    • Fixed a bug where unlocking an Emoji pack would not update the Emoji picker until the player reconnects.
  • Maps
    • The toy cart is back to Al's Toy Barn.
    • To compensate for the broken hitboxes, any damage taken by the cart itself will be transferred to the passengers inside.
    • This means that, for example, shooting the car will damage all the players inside it.
  • Detective Model
    • The detective model has been fixed and is now enabled again.
    • Players who were selected as Detectives in a round will automatically switch to this model to help differ them from regular players.

Happy Easter!


Stay awesome
Crescent Infinity
Jun 21, 2019
Hi, Crescent!
Second part of the Easter event is here. The event is also being extended until the end of April 23rd since the reception is generally positive and because you all seem to enjoy throwing eggs at each other very much.

Patch Notes - April 18th 2020

Easter 2020 Event
  • The two final items of the event store have been revealed: Two limited-time Legendary Effects!
    • Eggcitement: a custom tracer with colorful beams and fancy Easter egg decals.
    • Eggsecution: paints your victims' corpses in colorful Easter egg patterns!
  • You can buy these exclusive effect adders as many time as you'd like, as long as you can afford it.
  • The new effects can also be rolled on eligible weapons until the end of April!
  • New event-exclusive fun round: Eggstravaganza! A chaotic free-for-all with nothing but the four Easter egg grenades and your trusty crowbar.
  • Eggstravaganza rewards the winner and most kills with Easter eggs (the currency).
  • Tweaked the spawn logic for the Easter egg grenades to make them spawn a lot more often in the map.
  • Event tasks now give 50 Easter eggs as a reward (up from 30).
  • The Easter basket collectible now give 10 Easter eggs (up from 5).
  • The event has been extended until April 23rd. Enjoy!

Weapons & Traits
  • One final fix to the K-AS TA-3000 lock-up problem. This must be it. Please allow this saga of pure and endless agony to finally end.
  • You can now toggle the help text for weapons at the bottom of the HUD on and off through the Hub settings menu (or the convar "cwb_show_hud_help").
  • Changed the help text for grenades to indicate whether or not they are cookable.

Have fun!
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