Seasonal Event: Easter 2021

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Eggsactly what you hoped for.

Happy Easter, Crescent!

It's spring time! That time of the year where you often find strangely colored eggs in places they absolutely shouldn't be in normally. Where rabbits are suddenly considered sacred and are sought after more than the blood of the CEO of CDPR after the release of Cyberpunk 2077. And most importantly: where the Easter content finally arrives to Crescent TTT! You didn't think we forgot, did you?
Our second annual Easter event brings you - yet again - a fair share of Easter-themed content, rewards and goodies to unlock: we got player models; we got a new Legendary Effect; and we even have a highly-explosive Easter egg to replace your everyday C4! Mind you arms with that one. Oh, and Easter eggs. Lots of them.

This year's Easter event will run from April 4th and until the very last minute of April 18th. Hop on, collect some eggs, buy some cool items, and throw highly-dangerous Easter eggs at each other! It's gonna to be fun.

New Player Models

Remember those rabbits I mentioned? Well, here they are! This year's player models are all themed after the well-known Easter mascot, in three different styles to choose from.
Yes, that's a human-sized bi-ped rabbit. And you thought the gnome was cursed...

Bunny NuWa

Rabbit Man



New Legendary Effect

There's something quite ironic about sprinkling beautiful, lively spring flowers over the freshly-killed corpse of your latest victim; but this is exactly what Blossom does! This new Spring-themed Legendary Effect will lay your opponents to rest in a lovely bed of pink and yellow flowers, bringing a somewhat-peaceful end to what most likely wasn't a very peaceful life. Terrorists, am I right?


The Eggsplotion


C4s are so last year. Who even uses those nowadays? Everybody knows that REAL terrorists use highly-explosive time-activated Easter eggs!
Well, now you too can join the cool club and earn yourself your very own Eggsplosion, a cosmetic replacement for the C4 available in the event store.
Hurry up and get one, before they're all out... in a bang.


The Easter Eggstravaganza


Did the last reward tickle your "exploding Easter eggs" nerve? Worry not; we have more to show you.
Crescent's mysterious and highly-unstable Easter egg grenades return once more to bring Easter-y chaos to TTT! These little bastards will spawn randomly around the map, and can be used as impact-activated grenades to turn the odds in your favor. Each of the four variants holds a special power, either helpful or destructive; try them yourself and find out!
But that's not all: following the success from last year, our Easter-exclusive fun round, Eggstravaganza, returns as well! Battle to the death against all other players using nothing but these colorful devils, in this hilariously chaotic FFA round. BOOM!


Hats and Emoji

Last but not least: our fine collection of Easter Egg hats from last year's event return to the store once more this year. Because if you still haven't had enough of these damn eggs, just put 'em on your head! There's a version for each egg, and they look as ridiculous as you probably imagine them. These exclusive rewards will not be back until next year, so make sure to grab them before it's too late!

Oh, and: our Spring emoji pack has been expanded with shiny new spring-y icons. If you haven't unlocked it yet, make sure to pick one up in the event store!​

And that's it! We hope you will enjoy what we have prepared for you this year, and that you'll have a blast playing all the new content.
Be sure to also stay tuned for our upcoming T/D weapons update sometime after Easter, and for some exciting news regarding our upcoming behemoth project, ReCrescent.

Happy Easter!