Seasonal Event: Terror in Terrorist Town (Halloween 2020)

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Terror in Terrorist Town
Halloween 2020
October 25 - November 7

Happy Halloween, Crescent!
It's that time of the year again - the spookiest of them all. Ghosts, witches, zombies, and other horrifying things; candies, treats and tricks. Halloween is a holiday like no other, and it's no difference here in Crescent as well!
After settling down from our first anniversary celebration, it's time to put on your best costume, find the perfect pumpkin to carve, and set out to trick and treat your fellow terrorists in CTTT: there's a party, and you're all invited!

If you've been here last year, you already know that Halloween holds a special value for us here in Crescent, and therefore we always make something extra special for it. Well, fear not, because this year, too, we have prepared an exclusive event full of goods and surprises - as well as everyone's favorite... well, you know...

So sit back, grab a candy from the bowl, and let's get started: it's time for a Halloween celebration!

The Halloween Event Store

Trick or treat? The latter, obviously. Why, you ask? Because we have many, many treats to share with you this Halloween!
As per our tradition in CTTT, this seasonal event brings with it an event store full of Halloween-themed exclusive content. Throughout the event, you'll earn Candy Corn, the event's currency, which you can then spend on the various rewards in the store. Buy it once and it's yours forever!

You'll find the store in the Hub, under the new "Event" category at the top ribbon

But what exactly is there in the store, you ask? Wonderful question! Let's find out...


Halloween Player Models
Grim Reaper

Michael Myers

Halloween Miku

t̸̮͒̀H̵͍̆ę̵́ ̸̳̈́g̷̣̠̔͑N̸̺̈͑ͅo̸̡̺̎M̵̥̃e̸͖̖̓

Jack Gourdon



Legendary Effect: HalloWin



Exclusive Wearables
Hockey Mask

Lisa's Hat

The Hollow Mask



Halloween-Themed Sound Bits


But that's not all, Crescent. There's something else in this event - and I'm pretty sure it's something you've all been waiting for.
Let's reunite with an old friend, shall we?

Halloween Showdown
October 27th 2020

There have been quite a few unusual sightings across our servers as of recently. Reports of strange dark matter, unusual energy patterns, and mysterious shady figures are flooding in on the daily. Something worrying is happening in CTTT lately... something evil.


This Halloween, get ready to termble in fear yet again: the terrible Halloween bosses, Reapalium and scari, return once again to CTTT to claim your petty human souls!
Equipped with new powers and new trophies to claim, you too can challenge the two and attempt to take them down together in the brand new version of our signature event: Halloween Showdown!
But get ready: this time, they brought along some friends...

What's in it for you? Why, you wouldn't think we'll let you leave empty handed!
Those of you brave enough to face the bosses (and maybe even defeat them?) will be awarded with highly-valued Dark Shards, mysterious crystals of pure dark matter. This extremely valuable currency can then be used to unlock the most prestigious rewards from this year's store: the melee weapons from the boss fights!

Fight on, Crescent!

At last, everyone's favorite event of the year is here. Yay content! Yay Halloween!
We hope you will enjoy what we made for you this year! It's been a lot of fun working on this project, and I'm sure you'll see it for yourself.
Don't get too spooked!

On behalf of everyone here in Crescent - the team, the staff, and the community as a whole - I'd like to wish you all a happy Halloween and a wonderful holiday.
May you all enjoy this very special occasion, bask in the holiday's tradition, and get a whole bunch of compliments on your costume.
(You do have a costume, right...? Don't be lame!)

Happy Halloween!
Opalium and veri
Team Crescent



New Member
Sep 12, 2020
Best update ever. I really love the quality of the content updates.
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