Weapon Shotgun changes

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Oct 15, 2019
Just a general shotgun improvement having shotguns were you need to shoot 3 or more shots to kill someone with rpms as low as 63 is to low. Like the nova 72 max damage 63 rpm min two tap on body if hit limbs with one pellet 3 tap meaning ur gonna lose against any ar the XM is the same too but since it’s less accurate it’s worse for it. I suggest add an extra pellet for nova so 5x 18 so 90 damage and the Xm increase pellet damage by 2 from 10 to 12 6x12 = 72 which is the novas old damage. So increase damage via extra pellets or pellet damage increase Nerf other stats but NOT rpm it’s already rough and keep up the good work <3
Not open for further replies.