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Dec 8, 2019
Here's some ideas regarding some guns I feel could use a touch-up. Direct any criticism to Opalbot thanks.

1. Mac-10 - Increase penalty on accuracy the longer your shoot, and the further you're aiming. Currently this gun is worse than pre-nerf aug in most maps. It's a laser with a huge mag and great accuracy.
2. Scar - In an update where the focus was to focus on TTK, we got a sl8 which can be made a monster with mods. Keep it the high damage monster if you want but give it some high movement inaccuracy at least or all we'll see soon is scar vs mac vs shotguns.
3. AUG - The aug is in a very weird position imo. It has a scope so everyone feels it should have a disadvantage in other areas, which I partially agree with though in its current state its just a very slow paintball gun with a weird inaccuracy unless you're scoped in. Keeping TTK and how much damage output other AR's have I'd suggest making it a bit faster and/or a bit more accurate without the scope. Its direct competitor, the m4a4, has 2 higher base damage so that should continue to serve as a differentiating factor between these two.
4. Shotguns - Damage fall off, increased inaccuracy at ranges, remove them from the game something something idk they're weird with and without mods.
5. Five seven - increase rof to 375(20% increase) ,decrease headshot multiplier (from 2.5 to 2) and base damage(from 28 to 24*). Edit- On second thought I don't like having a 9mm pistol which can 2 tap non-armored people. So, changed it from 28 to 25 to 24. Nothing like leaving someone at 2 hp amirite.

thats all for now kthx.
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