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Aug 8, 2019
This is what a an official staff statement looks like.
Just seeing a redacted post,

There should be a type of button or something that makes redacted posts look more official.

Like dolphins post redacted by helix @helix looks easily faked besides the edited by moderator, but it looks too easy to be faked to trick people, people will gloss over the fact a post might be missing the edited by moderator.

How it looks and works code wise I have no idea, but I'd suggest some type of option that transforms the post into some type highlighted box, that cant be faked, not just an edited post
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Aug 8, 2019
To be fair, a mod did actually edit my post lol. I'm not sure I see the practicality of this suggestion.

EDIT: To expand a bit on what I mean, think of it this way: if a mod edits a post and says "stop doing x or i will warn you" that doesnt really carry that much weight, compared to if they just posted it themselves. The only reason a mod would edit a post is to remove, for example, pornographic content or leaks. The only other reasoning is if the user wants it edited for some reason to remove or edit a piece of the post. So if a user tries to edit their own post and say something like "send me your credit card info or i ban you -helix", with or without the "last edited by a moderator", it carries no weight because it's not a staff member posting it.
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Jun 21, 2019
Warning notices do just that. I gave you a fake warning for the sake of example - take a look at the top of your post.
Staff members acting against a post will always use this method to officially communicate this kind of stuff.

Already exists, so I'm closing this. Thanks for suggesting.
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