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Crescent Lite
Apr 3, 2020
I had an idea which will probably be declined. I was wondering if there could ever be a way to apply stat trak on a weapon. Something like a stattrak tag kind of like the name tag. I just had the idea because I would love to be able to apply stat trak on amazing guns and I wouldn't care if the price was 10k for that item or extremely care to get. This is a shitty put together suggestion but its just an idea.


Penguins > Pigeons
Crescent Infinity
Aug 8, 2019
There's been loads of suggestions about stat track on weapons and how to obtain it.

Simply before it was just hit lvl 50 prestige your gun and it had stat track. That wasn't what opal had in mind when it came to stat track, the whole point was it was meant to be something super rare for people to show off who got lucky enough, just like in CS:GO.

If that changes i'm sure he will add a way. But for now i feel like stat track should be something really rare for people. Maybe not as rare as it is from cases, but should certainly be relatively rare