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Crescent Infinity
Jun 21, 2019
The Crescent ARG

Hello, Crescent!

The work on new Crescent is well underway, but in the mean time, why not test your skill in a different type of a challenge?
Those of you who were around for the launch of old Crescent probably remember the ARG I ran a little before the official announcement, as a fun little way to engage the players while waiting. Well, what do you know! With new Crescent came a new ARG - extended, more advanced, and more interesting as well.

For those who don't know: an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) is a game in which a story is told to participants through a series of riddles, tasks and other puzzles. Players work together to discover the next parts of the story and solve the puzzles. ARG games come in various mediums, from real world ARGs to virtual ones over the Internet.

The Crescent ARG is my personal take on this, and after the great success of the first one, I knew it was something I'd want to do again. And indeed, with the approaching launch of new Crescent, I took the time to create the next version of it.
Picking up the story where you last left it (but from a different point of view), the ARG continues the tale of the Rose, the ancient artifact of the gods, and the power conflicts it awakens. Gods, mortals and other divide beings clash in this fictional tale, told through a series of challenging puzzles and riddles. What will a deity do when stripped of its power? And what will a mortal do with the power of a god?

The Crescent ARG is told in the form of a series of web pages that contain both story bits and riddles. Your task in each one is to find the address to the next page, using clues, bits of information, logic and clever thinking. If you ever played a web puzzle like Notpron or Lacuna, you'll immediately recognize the concept. From simple tasks to mind-wrecking puzzles, the second Crescent ARG is longer, better and more interesting than its predecessor.
The ARG has been running for a while now - since July, actually - and a group of players have created a Discord server in which they work together to solve it. Right now they're stuck on Chapter 3, and I think they could really use more helping hands. :cautious:

What's in it for you? Well, I won't spoil the surprise just yet, but do know that the best solvers will certainly be handsomely rewarded. It'll be worth your while.

Up for the challenge? Come join the solvers and have a go on the ARG. Who knows - maybe you will be the winner?

Enter the ARG

Join the Solvers

Good luck! You'll need it. 😉
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Aug 8, 2019
bruh sound effect #2
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Aug 8, 2019
please just let my family go, why are you making me do these puzzles to let me see them again, i am begging you please
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