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The Crescent Store
Because you keep asking to throw money at us for some reason.

Hello, Crescent!

It's finally here. The most anticipated feature of Project Crescent (for some strange reason): the Crescent Store is now live! With a fair bit of stuff to purchase already and more in the future, the store is an excellent to amplify your gameplay while supporting the development of Crescent so that we keep it running.

Through the store, you'll be able to purchase Crescent Cash, our premium currency. This currency can then be used to buy things in the store, or as an in-game currency for trades and the market. Crescent Cash can also be used for various other things that we haven't introduced yet, such as special crafting recipes, bonuses, and more.

So what's in the store, then?
First and foremost: ranks! We offer four different premium ranks which provide all kinds of extra perks and features to you, from unique rank colors and frames to in-game benefits like additional inventory space and free items. There are two types of ranks in the store: permanent, which are a one-time purchase; and monthly, which are purchased for a duration and need to be renewed later.
One of the cool features of our ranks is that they allow you to select your own rank color and frame combination. There is a total of 14 colors and 6 frames, which means dozens of different combos you can try. The frames will accompany you on the forums, while the colors will also show in the game and in Discord.

The Rank Frames
The rank frames of Crescent. 14 color options for each!

As with the staff rank frames, I'd like to thank the very talented @Yukari, who designed and created these beautiful frames, for her amazing work.

Second: items! we offer a variety of utility items that can help you save time in-game, such as WepMod removers and the long-awaited Trait Reforgers, as well as a variety of tickets like fun round tickets, title change tickets, and task re-roll tickets. The items you buy in the store are tradeable, which means you can trade them for other items or currencies if you're looking for something new to try.

And finally: boosts! Those of you who played our Halloween event probably got a taste of our XP and Drop boosts, which improve your weapon XP gain and drop rate chances respectively. If you're interested in shortening the grind for items, boosts are a great way to save time and progress faster while still not taking away from the fun.

Some answers to questions you probably have

All of the items and ranks in the store can be purchased for yourself, or gifted to other players. We also added anonymous gifting, a long-requested feature back in old Crescent, so that you can surprise your friends with a gift without them ever knowing it was you, if that's your thing. Of course, you can also trade most of the items directly in-game, but it's always a better idea to gift the item directly to the recipient if that's your goal.

Premium features are a tough cookie in game design. There's a very delicate balance between the need to provide meaningful bonuses to attract buyers, and the need to keep things fair and not let paying players overwhelm others. This is especially true in a game such as TTT, where the balance between players is already very delicate to begin with.
When deciding on the perks players can get from the store, we chose to avoid anything that provides direct gameplay advantages to anyone. Pay-to-win is never fun and only drives people away from the game and the community, and we as players know that well. One of the key concepts we built Crescent around is that we will never surrender good gameplay decisions for the sake of profit, and this is something we have applied to the store as well. We're fairly happy with the result, and we hope you will appreciate it as well.

Old Crescent Players
Those of you who stuck with us since the very beginning and stood with Crescent back in the old days are not forgotten. As a token of our gratitude to those who supported us even back when things weren't so great, we will gift a special pack of stuff from the store to players who made any payments to us back in old Crescent (that is, before the relaunch). The pack itself will change depending on how much you donated back then.
If you are one of these players, please send us a message with details of the transaction you made back then. You need to provide your old username, your SteamID, Steam profile, and the PayPal transaction ID. Please note that this only applies to purchases from old Crescent, and that you must provide us with all the details so we can look up the information.
Thank you for your support!

Issues and bugs
The store has been rewritten from scratch since last time, to enhance its functionality and allow us to add more features to it more easily. This also means that there may be some sneaky bugs that somehow got through our tests. If you encounter any issue with your payments or purchases, or have any other problems with the store, please contact us through the contact form or in the store forum.

Team Trees
As suggested by some members of the community, we decided to utilize the store for another good cause as well. Environmental issues are something I am personally worried about a lot, and I'm sure it is the same for you. It is therefore why we decided to dedicate the first month of the store to #TeamTrees, the tree-planting charity ran by the YouTuber MrBeast that exploded in recent days. It seems that, for the first time in a while, we actually have a chance to make a real difference of some kind on the fate of our world - which is why we're proud to help this cause. 20% of all income from the store in the first month will be donated by us directly to TeamTrees, so that we take part in this amazing project. We hope that through this we will also encourage more people to do so.

There you have it, folks! Another piece of Crescent that is finally out. The store is an essential part of our community as it provides us the means to continue hosting and developing Project Crescent and its projects. If you enjoy Crescent and wish to give back to it, please consider supporting us through making a purchase. Every amount helps a lot!

As always, thank you for the amazing support and feedback. The future of Crescent looks bright again, and we hope you will enjoy our future endeavors as well.

Stay awesome,