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Project Crescent - Road Map
This is the plan.

Hi, Crescent!

We're almost two weeks into Crescent TTT, and things are looking pretty good. The launch went pretty well and most of the glaring issues and bugs have been resolved by now. With your help, we almost tripled(!!) the size of the community in just two weeks, and who knows what else awaits us next.

Well, we do. Kind of.

Now that the dust of the launch has settled and our Halloween event is up and running, it's time to start planning our next moves. And as the title of this thread suggests, we are going to start this with the release of our Road Map. In this road map, I detailed the planned features and ideas for the future of Crescent, as well as a rough time estimation for each of them. From more pressing matters to longer term goals, the road map is a look into Crescent's future through how we expect it to turn.

The road map is available on Trello, at the following link:

Please note: while the road map details our plans for Project Crescent, we cannot guarantee everything will happen according to these plans. Some features or plans may be delayed, changed, or even completely cancelled. We will do our best to stick to the plan, but only time can tell what will actually be of these. Please keep this in mind when you browse the road map.

As always, your feedback is important. If you have anything to add, say, or suggest, myself and the team are always reachable through the forums, in a private conversation, or through Discord. You are also encouraged to post your ideas in the General Suggestions section, or the TTT Suggestions section. We know that some of you are very eager to ping us in Discord for every idea you have, but unfortunately we may sometimes lose your idea among the hundreds of pings and DMs we get all the time. If you want to ensure your idea is looked at, post it in the forums!

Thank you for your support, your kind words, and the endless dedication. The ride has only just begun, and we can't thank you enough for joining us on this journey.

Stay awesome,
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The Real Zax
Crescent Plus
Oct 17, 2019
cant wait for whatever "Super Secret Mega Project" is. Lmao


New Member
Crescent Plus
Oct 12, 2019
super secret mega project = minigames yes
Shen said he's not making it this time :(
I hope it'll be good if it ever releases


Sep 15, 2019
No trait rerolls... please... or one per gun, It will ruin the fun of everyone having random stuff!
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