Denied Tier 4 (legendary) weapon mods

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Aug 8, 2019
Before you furiously type "No, it's stupid, we already have good T3 mods, plus you can't level a weapon above level 50!", hear me out.

T4 mods would have exactly the same stats as their T3 equivalents, so if Rapid Fire III gives +30% rate of fire, so would Rapid Fire IV.

"But Methelin, what's the damn point then?!"

T4 mods would have two traits that make them much more desirable than T3 mods:
1. Just like T1 mods, these can be put on any weapon, without the need of leveling the weapon up.
2. T4 mods would not be a included in the mod counter.

What does it mean?

Suppose you have an exotic (4 mod slots) AK-47 with Destruction, Rapid Fire, Quick Hand and Precision mods. However, the recoil penalty from Destruction is too much for you. Normally you would have to compromise between removing one mod, irreversibly losing it and attaching Stability mod and keeping the weapon the way you made it.

Fear no longer, my baby biscuit. T4 Stability is for you to be put into its empty slot, giving you 5 mods in total with your gun having 4 mod slots!

"Does it mean I can create a one-tap AWP with Destruction III and Longshot IV or vice versa?"

No, because Destruction and Longshot share the same slot. T4 mods would simply not add up into the mod counter, so a Galil with Rumble III and Rapid Fire IV would have virtually 1 mod slot taken, rather than 2.

"But a lot of players have a hellton of T3 mods stacked in their inventories. Their weapons would become too OP!"

That's why T4 mods would not be craftable from T3 mods, these would only be unboxable from crates in order to keep majority of the guns the way they currently are.

They're legendary, after all. Can you imagine crafting a legendary item? Cause I don't.

"What if I put 5 T4 mods on a gun then?"

Then you're stupid, because you'd have the same effect with 4 T3 and 1 T4 mods at much lower cost, assuming the gun you refer to as a level 50 exotic/legendary.
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Aug 8, 2019
I don't like this because it'd make acquiring op tier3 guns way less of an effort to people with lots of money.

Currently even making a gun with T2 mods requires you to grind a little bit for those levels. It's the one thing u can't skip with lots of money. Acquiring a gun with Tier3 mods should be something you grind for, not pay your way into.


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Sep 14, 2019
i dun get the whole idea honestly mind eli5?


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Aug 11, 2019
Ehh, personally I'd be disappointed if I dropped a legendary mod over a gun. Maybe if there was a way to craft these but then that might be a bit too overpowered. Neat idea but it would have to be executed properly and I'd rather the developers focus on more exciting things.


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Jun 21, 2019
I don't think this will work out. Other than being a bit confusing, I really don't think we need another tier of WepMods. Yet. We still have a way to go with working the kinks in the current roster before we should expand and complicate it it further.

Thanks for suggesting.
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