Denied Trait Forger

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Crescent Content Coordinator
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Aug 8, 2019
Briefly - an item that instead of changing a trait, adds one.

It's main point would be applying traits to weapons of low rarities new players started leveling up already or rare and special (like AK-47 | Mummy and other upcoming) weapons without traits we don't use due to lack of trait, even though some skins for rare weapons are greater than higher rarities (like Nova | Fatal Downhill from Crescentmas Crate, which is much nicer than precious Alpine Thaw from the same crate).

Traits added with trait forger could be made unrerollable to avoid economic disbalance of players buying a ton of trait reforgers to get the one very trait they want without getting a higher rarity gun, even though the certain weapon was never meant to have a trait at first place.
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Crescent Plus
Dec 8, 2019
You can get guns of below precious quality in precious or above if you're lucky, and I feel it should stay that way.

As for special weapons, I feel the Mummy should have had a trait since it was a thing, and so should all future special guns.

So my response is this -
A) Add a trait to the upcoming and existing special weapons and,
B) Let the RNG do its thing, and if you get lucky, you get a below precious item with a trait. (obviously it'd have to be precious+)


Stay awesome
Jun 21, 2019
Not something we want to have. The whole idea of Traits being limited to the higher qualities is to make them more rare and sought after, after all. Rare and below weapons don't have Traits by design, and this is how we want to keep things.

Thanks for suggesting.
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