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Oct 21, 2019
Traits are special abilities that are available on Precious Quality weapons and higher.
There's quite a few of them currently, and this list will expand and change as traits are added and revised.

Each Precious and Exotic quality gun has one trait available to it. Active traits can be activated with the stock bind of Shift + E. This can be rebound using console commands. You would need to do bind "key" "impulse 10"
Passive traits will activate on their own when conditions are met, typically on a kill.
Some Traits cannot be dropped on some weapons.

Legendary weapons drop with two traits, one active and one passive. These can be swapped at will. Only one can be active at a time.

Trait Reforgers from the Crescent Store can be purchased to randomize your active trait on a gun.

Any information not stated is information I do not have at this time. This includes various cooldowns, trait lengths, and so forth.
And I probably missed a trait or two. There's a lot of them.

Augmenting Traits

Some WepMods can affect how some traits work.
Cooldown I/II/III Reduces the cooldown length of traits
Persistence I/II/III Increases the active time some traits are active for. This mod does not apply to all traits.




Frenzy increases your firing speed by 25% and movement speed by 50% on a kill for 5 seconds. This duration can refresh on continued kills, but does not stack. Due to a previous bug, the fun round Frenzy Freakout was made, when frenzy would stack and not expire.
Active - 30 second cooldown
Overload increases a weapons fire rate by 33% for 3 seconds, but then overheats your gun for 1 second, preventing you from firing it.
Active/Passive - 60 second cooldown
Efficiency gives you a 33% chance while firing to not expend a bullet, thereby letting you fire more shots before having to reload. This trait also can be activated to give you 33% of your total clip in free bullets. The bonus bullets do not stack.
Active - 30 second cooldown
Bleed applies to the next bullet fired from your gun. If it hits a target, the target will bleed for 5 seconds, dealing 5 damage per second. If you miss, it will not activate until activated again. Bleed cannot drop on shotguns.
Bloodlust returns 50% of the weapons clip on a kill.
Active - Usable once per kill
Stalk lets you teleport to the last player you killed with the weapon. The weapon with Stalk needs to be the one used to kill to register, and can be activated at any time with the same weapon. You can only teleport to a body once per kill. You may not be able to teleport if the body is in a confined area.
Active - 60 second cooldown
Warp allows you to teleport to the last player you damaged with that weapon, within a 5 second timer. You can be KOSed by the individual you teleport to. You may not be able to teleport if the person is in a confined area. Active Trait.
Shadowbound makes you invisible when activated for 5 seconds. You cannot shoot while invisible, and players can still see your name if they move their crosshair over you. You can still be damaged and killed while shadowbound, and people will hear audio cues if you walk near them while invisible.
Active - 20 second cooldown
Rig primes the next person you kills body to explode on command. After killing someone, you can activate the trait to explode the body after a 1 second delay.
Active - X second cooldown
Purify cleanses you from all negative effects from other traits, and also makes you immune to further trait effects for 5 seconds.
Active - 45 second cooldown
Silence mutes and gags players in a 5m radius for 8 seconds, preventing text, voice, and TTT radio from working. Silence victims also will not scream on death.
Active - X second cooldown
Leech, once activated, will heal you for a portion of damage dealt to your enemies. Leech can heal up to 30 health per shot, depending on your weapons damage.
Active - X second cooldown
Bombastic throws your gun to the ground and causes it to explode after one second. You cannot use the gun after throwing it down, but once the gun explodes, it automatically returns to your hands.
Active - X second cooldown
Gravity, once activated, will pull you toward the direction you are shooting, and anyone hit will be pulled towards you. If you crouch, you will not go flying unless you hit someone, in which case you will still get thrown forward.
Active - X second cooldown
Knockback, once activated, will push you away from the direction you are shooting, and anyone hit will be pushed away from you as well. By crouching, you'll prevent yourself from being pushed back unless you hit someone, in which case it will throw you back.
Active - X second cooldown
Disarray can only be activated within 15m of a player, and you must be aiming at them to activate. Once activated, it will cause the affected players screen to become distorted, and their movement keys will be reversed, and they will take 5 damage. Disarray is KOSable to use.
Active - 15 second cooldown
Repulse lets out a wave around you (5m) that pushes people away. While it does not directly damage players, if it causes someone to take damage by falling or other means, you can be KOSed for it.
Active - X second cooldown
Blackhole causes a flux of energy around you that pulls everyone around you towards the center of the blackhole. You are not affected by your own blackhole. While the trait itself does no damage, if it causes someone to take damage you can be KOSed for it.
Active - X second cooldown
Sonar is currently going through some major fixing. Currently, It lets you see people through walls for a specific distance, and only for a short while. This trait is know to break a lot in its current state, and not activate at all.
Active - X second cooldown
Headhunter greatly reduces your spread and recoil on your weapon, but also greatly reduces body and limb damage you do. Has been known to not apply the recoil or spread reductions at times, and is expected to be fixed eventually.
Active - X second cooldown
Magnet when activated, winds up for 1 second and then activates, pulling the currently active weapon out of peoples hands around you. If they have a melee equipped, they drop nothing.
Active - 30 second cooldown
Chronoshift slows all players within 5m by 50% for 5 seconds and prevents them from jumping for the duration.
Active - 45 second cooldown
Swap shifts your position with a player in your crosshairs when activated. Range of 25m. This trait follows the same rules as Blackhole and Repulse. [If done to where the person is damaged, killed, or placed in immenent danger, you can be KOSed.]

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