Denied [TTT] AUG rate of fire

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Dec 8, 2019
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AUG rate of fire​

I had a feeling the aug is shooting slower when using the scope so I did some testing and here is the result -​
Scoping in it took me approx 4 seconds to shoot 38 bullets (human error is negligible imo). This means the rate of fire while scoping in is 570 rpm.​
Without the scope it took 3.5 seconds. Therefore, without the scope your rate of fire is 651rpm.​
Now, the mods I have on the gun - Rapid fire 3, trance 3 (these two affect rate of fire by adding 20% and reducing 10% respectively) alongwith ext 3 and marks 3.​
If you take a base aug with RoF being 545 - +20% for rf3 and (10%) for trance 3. I don't know how these % are added but if you net it out then it should be +10% i.e 599.5. So clearly the gun as well as mods which impact RoF have some sort of bug which lines up with this report

Reproduction Steps:

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Jun 21, 2019
Two things:
  1. The internal calculations are based on the actual fire-delay value of the weapon - the delay between each shot. This means the math is somewhat different than with the RPM values you see in the tooltip (which are calculated from this fire-day value and are also rounded from simplicity). Your RPM assumptions are off as well. These slight variances/human errors are actually significant since we're talking about fractions of a second.
  2. Trance is applied on-top of the reduced delay value from Rapid Fire as a percentage reduction, so it's not really 20%-10%, but rather -10% of the modified value.

Let's do the math:
  1. The base delay value for the AUG is 0.11 (a bullet can be fired every 0.11s). This puts it at 545.45 RPM.
  2. Rapid fire 3 increases RoF by 20%. 20% of 0.11 is 0.022, so 0.11 - 0.022 = 0.088, which is 681.81 RPM.
  3. Trance 3 then removes 10% from that, which is done by dividing the value by 0.9. 0.088/0.9=0.0977, which is 614.12 RPM.

Hope this clears it up.
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