Accepted [TTT] Broken Trading

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Oct 19, 2019
Affected Services:

Broken Trading​

So I didnt know u cant send a trade twice to someone so my first trade to teamgun was 1200 shards from me for his rumble 3, then about a round later he never denied nor accepted so i tried to send another offer for 1000 shards, 150 cc, for his rumble 3, it said you cannot send another trade or something but i pressed it like 3 times. Then upon going back to the trading tab to deny the old trade its just blank but doesnt say no pending trades. It fixes once they deny or (probably) accept. I repeated the same process again but with peeposad to see if it happens again (but with a dif weapon, less shards, and less cc) and it did happen again.​

Reproduction Steps:
1: Send a trade for an item and you giving them shards only​
2: Attempt to send another trade after with the same item, but you sending less shards + cc only, i spammed it like 4 times both times idk if that matters.​
3: bam shits broken tell them to accept or deny to fix​

Not open for further replies.