In Progress [TTT] Golf cart allows you to clip out of bounds on ttt_alstoybarn

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May 30, 2020
Affected Services:

Golf cart allows you to clip out of bounds on ttt_alstoybarn​

If you bring the golf cart down to the sewers on ttt_alstoybarn, it's possible to clip through the top of the sewers and get stuck in a spot where you are unable to be damaged.​

Reproduction Steps:
Bring the keys to the golf cart, get in, and drive to the sewers. When there, move forward until you are past one light and before another. Bring the golf cart to a complete stop by holding Space + S. Exit the cart with E and spam crouch to get yourself unstuck. Congratulations, you are now on the top of the sewers.​

These pictures were taken in Sandbox and not TTT, but the steps should be about the same.

Step One: get cart

Step Two: drive to sewer

Step Three: stop in between lights

Step Four: Exit cart and crouch spam to unstuck

Step 5: profit
(area lit with lights for clarity)

A thing of note is that either TTT's fall damage is weird or there's a kill barrier down there on your version of the map; when I tried to drop down there on the server, I died, but when I did it in Sandbox, I only took ~40 damage.​