Accepted [TTT] Incorrect market list prices

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Pijon mustard
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
Affected Services:

Incorrect market list prices​

I tried to list an exotic Aug last night, and it said it would cost 102 shards to list it. At the time, I had 4010 shards. I posted the listing, and my shard count dropped to 2908.

If possible I'd love to get the 1k shards back because it made me sad, but I can't exactly prove that I had 4010 shards beforehand so it's not the end of the world.​

Reproduction Steps:
1. I had crescent lite at the time of listing, which may have something to do with it bc other ranks give a price reduction.
2. list an exotic in the market (I used a frenzying Aug torque)
3. it should say 102 shard listing fee, accept it
4. watch as you lose 1102 shards

note: I haven't tested this on other items​



New Member
Crescent Plus
Nov 2, 2019
I think that something similar to this might have happened to me today too. I saw Blue SCAR Carbon fiber on the market and it showed that the price is 150 shards and I had about 2200 shards when I got it I had about 1300 shards I doubted myself and I thot that I saw the price wrong but when I saw this thing that it happened to me but I am not sure.

is it possible for you to see how my shards were spent on the last day, do you have something like transaction history or anything that can tell you how did I gain and lose shards because like I said I am really not sure what happened and that I might be mistaken
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