Accepted [TTT] Leech only comes from base damage

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Crescent Infinity
Aug 8, 2019
Affected Services:

Leech only comes from base damage​

Leech doesn't take into account headshot multipliers if you manage to headshot. In fact it doesn't even take into account body-modified damage - hitting appendages which does less damage, still heals as if you did regular body shot damage.

Uncertain about damage wep mods, since I dont have a high level leech weapon, but I wouldn't be surprised if its the same.

AK does 25 base damage, will heal for 6 hp no matter where I hit.

If I headshot I do 56 damage, that should heal for 14 hp. Still 6 hp from leech.​

Reproduction Steps:
1) have leech
2) use leech
3) shoot head, shoot body, shoot leg/arm
4) notice that all shots heal for the same amount
5) cry that your headshot didn't heal you correctly​

Not open for further replies.