In Progress [TTT] One big reason why shitreg happens

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Aug 8, 2019
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One big reason why shitreg happens​

Very commonly people appear to be holding their guns sideways or in weird poses. This is because the game is in a conflict about what the player is holding. For example, a person could be holding an AWP, but their model thinks they're holding a grenade, so their model is in the "Holding a grenade" pose, while also having an AWP in the hand.

This causes the players hitbox to be "Holding an AWP" as it should be, but the actual model is in the "Holding a grenade" pose, which instantly makes it impossible to headshot a person with this bug happening to them, because holding an AWP puts your head lower than a player holding a grenade.​

Reproduction Steps:
I don't know why people have their guns sticking out of their asses, but I think if that bug got solved, the hitboxes would be way more consistent.​


Pretty much what I explained above. Bambi is holding an awp, but his model thinks he's holding a grenade, so there's a mixup between the hitbox and the model.​


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Aug 11, 2019
I’m still seeing some wonky poses when holding guns. Like the occasional “gangster” desert eagle that is held horizontally. Not sure if that’s client-side or not but it definitely is strange. (The first-person pose is always working as intended but when looking at other players they sometimes have weird ways of holding weapons.)