Denied [TTT] Post Supporter rank Slot/Items Issue

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Nov 2, 2019
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Post Supporter rank Slot/Items Issue​

The issue is if your rank ends while you have more items than the number of slots after the rank ends you will lose what I think is the last number of items you got and they would be sent to you by email and will expire in 7 days.

anyway, for me, I was sent the last 103 items I got and it did not matter what part of the inventory they were if it was in the lower part of the inventory ( the extra supporter rank slots ) or the upper part of the inventory ( the slots you start with), so basically for me, my last 103 items were sent to me by mail even if tho I still had items in the lower part of the inventory and I was able to use them even if the inventory slots where darker.

also, I had to delete items and get new different supporter rank so I can get back the items in the mail because you only have to take all the items in the mail at once you can't just choose what items you take and what items you leave in the mail.

I do not know if these things are meant to be like this but anyway I think we should be able to choose what items get sent to the mail and what items to keep, we can organize the items we want to keep on the top of the inventory and the items that will be sent by email on the lower extra slots of the inventory or any other way so we have choice of what items we lose and what items to keep.

I know I did not explain this in a good way, Sorry for explaining this Poorly.​

Reproduction Steps:
The issue happens if the supporter rank ends and you have more items than the slots you will have after the rank ends.​

These are old screenshots I got when I had the issue or before it but they should show what happened.

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