Pending [TTT] Riot Shield - Damage and Kills

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Oct 16, 2019
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Riot Shield - Damage and Kills​

It's a very underused Detective item, but I've found a couple errors with it that may or may not be intentional. You'll just have to tell me when I'm wrong here.​
The Riot Shield does not do full damage of your secondary, as well as the R8 does not work with it. I didn't record that bit, but you can just try it out for yourself​
The Riot Shield also says on the body that they were killed with the Riot Shield, which is just odd. Probably not easy to make it check for what secondary is being used, but just thought it'd be good to be known.

Editing this one in:
So, there's another bug. If you're forced to unequip the shield, such as end round or dying, you get a weird bug where the left hand of your viewmodel disappears. This causes a few weird visual errors.​

Reproduction Steps:
1. Either be the Detective that decides to waste a Credit on a Riot Shield, get a Detective to drop you one, or murder the poor soul that decided having one was a good idea.​
2. Shoot someone in the face at least a couple times until they cease breathing.​
3. They won't die in one shot, from max health, and their body displays that they died from the shield. Easy.​

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