Duplicate [TTT] Salisian acts Salisian! (bug with radio callouts in console)

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Oct 8, 2019
Affected Services:

Salisian acts Salisian! (bug with radio callouts in console)​

When you call someone out, it shows up in chat correctly, but when scrolling up in the console, if the person's name starts with the same letter as the callout, instead of reproducing the callout, it reproduces their name.​
Example: if someone tries to call me out as suspicious, in console it will say "Salisian acts Salisian"​
Edit: This may seem like a minor bug, but late-round I like to quickly check console to see if I've missed something relevant; seeing something like "Torbjörn is a Torbjörn!" doesn't make for a valid callout, so this might lead to other unwanted issues.​

Reproduction Steps:
Call Torbjörn a traitor. Call me suspicious. Check console. See what happens.​
Edit: Slightly more information to assist with repeating/locating the bug: it (only?) seems to trigger when the command is altered, such as with color -- the base "ttt_radio <role>" command doesn't seem to do it.​

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