Accepted [TTT] Secondary weapons earn more XP than primaries

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Oct 23, 2019
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Secondary weapons earn more XP than primaries​

I noticed this the other night, and so did a moderator (forget who it was). But Secondaries seem to earn more XP than primaries. For example, I got my m4 to level 25 before I even equipped my glock (both are of precious rarity) and I noticed my glock was leveling up quicker and catching up to my m4. Fast forward to today, I used the ticket to get 75 percent more xp for my weapons, and my glock was level 41 while my m4 was level 44. Now, they are both level 46, and I can see the glock is the only weapon earning the extra XP (I don't know if kills have anything to do with XP, but even if it does, im only getting kills with my M4. Wish this wouldnt of happened bc I wouldve been at level 50 by now w my M4.​
Edit: now that my 75 percent xp boost is over, my glock is only 200 xp behind my M4a4.​
2nd edit: My m4a4 tornado bloodlusting just gained no xp, while my glock gained XP for the round.​

Reproduction Steps:
Don't know how to reproduce it, just activate an XP ticket and see if you notice the same thing as me.​

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