Accepted [TTT] Sonar doesn't work properly

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Crescent Lite
Aug 8, 2019
Affected Services:

Sonar doesn't work properly​

I think Sonar was accidentally put in a trait category of its own or something that the game doesnt recognize, because there are 3 problems it has:

1. The "Trait icon" isn't recognized in the bottom left of your hud. It's just "..."
2. The binds to activate it don't work. (You can't bind it to a different buttom, you're forced to use Shift + E)
3. The trait doesn't work on a lot of rounds. It makes the sound, but nothing else happens.​

Reproduction Steps:
Problems 1) and 2) happen to all players during all rounds.

Problem 3) is a bit weird. It seems to be kinda random when it happens, but I noticed that if you suicide in preparing and then respawn with your guns, the Sonar seems to work all the time. Also in my demonstration video it was the first round of the map when it broke. Maybe something to do with trait not loading properly when the round is in preparing

Before the last update, Sonar never worked for me (Though I didn't have a gun of my own with Sonar before then, so might be unrelated)​


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