Accepted [TTT Staff] Acnologia (STEAM_0:0:134480594)

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Shining Justice
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:134480594 | Acnologia đź‘‘#1007 | UTC+5

Your Application
Hey, I'm Acnologia, also known as Acno and was known as GioGio(due to the hype of Opal including my suggestion to add Giorno Giovanna) previously here.

I've recently come back after a fairly long break from Garry's Mod, and I wish to spend my time in the game as a person who comes to the aid of others and contribute to this community, which a large number of my friends and colleagues play in as well.

I've played in this community before, both in its first iteration and it's current one, and the the refreshing gameplay is nice to the point where it doesn't feel like any other old stale TTT server, and offers a lot more variety in the way it delivers on "fun". I'm an active player in general when it comes to TTT, and a very active community member when my interest pops back into the game(now/these days). Those of you that know me can most likely attest to this.

I can only say that I will perform my duties, if given the position, with far more effort and heart into the matter than required, and will also attempt to ensure that others feel the same and content with the way I interact with them and the community.​

Relevant Experience
I've had over a year of staffing experience in my former community known as Serious Gmod, and I rather enjoyed my time there. This covers both my moderation and administration tenures.

I've also moderated Crescent in its first iteration for about 3-4 months as a Moderator.

Currently, I don't staff for any Gmod communities, but I do staff some(3) gaming communities on Discord, each having over 1k members.​

I am available during the night hours of NA into the afternoon.
11PM PST(UTC - 8) - 12PM PST.​
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