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Shining Justice
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Aug 8, 2019
TTT Staff Application
STEAM_0:0:134480594 | Acnologia👑#6123 | UTC-5

Your Application

I'm Acnologia, a former staff member from Crescent, three previous tenures in all its iterations so far. Been around since basically the actual start of the community. I've been informed the community is changing once again towards a new future, and I'm personally interested in it as well as aiding in helping the community reach a better standard.

My most recent tenure had come to a close for personal reasons regarding my clashing mindset with the staff members at the time, and as such, I felt I wasn't needed then since the environment wasn't suited towards my ideals. Now, with the changes occurring within the community, I feel it's my duty as a member of the community as well as a friend of Opalium to help it, as a staff member.

The people in the current staff team are aware that I always maintain my hours, only sometimes occasionally taking a dip mostly due to technical matters. I'm always active within the community when I'm interested in it(my interest generally only dies when I feel I'm not needed anymore). My goal for this potential tenure, like every time I apply, is just to help maintain a great atmosphere for regulars and newcomers alike to have fun in.​

Relevant Experience
Cumulative staff experience of over a year in total days, as a staff member at SGM, as Part-Time Moderator, Moderator and Administrator.

I've had an original tenure in the first run of Crescent, then two tenures after in the rebirth. The two following tenures have been short, the initial one had been cut short due to academic reasons, and the second one, the current staff team is already aware of and I've mentioned above.

I was moderator at AHG last year for around 4 months or so.

I currently staff a few large League of Legends based servers, all of which are in a network of over 150 communities, one for each champion in League. I also staff the reddits associated with some of those communities.​

11:30AM PST to 10 PM PST.​

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